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In this issue of saha, we take seriously the fact that it’s impossible to comprehend the time we live in without an awareness that we are on the verge of ecological destruction, and attempt to draw up a balance sheet to reveal the extent of the destruction of nature across Turkey. Bearing in mind everything we’ve witnessed over the past few years alone, it’s clear that the severity of the situation has escalated. The extraction growth model adopted by the ruling Justice and Development Party is continuing at full speed, leading to the breathless multiplication of damage caused by an increasing number of mining sites or power plants. Considering the consequences of the global climate crisis, which we are increasingly experiencing day-to-day, there is no doubt that the scenery is bleak. While Turkey continues to struggle with an economic crisis and is overwhelmed by the narrowing of the political sphere caused by authoritarianism, it is simultaneously experiencing ongoing natural destruction that will affect future generations for years to come.