Since its inception, the Citizens' Assembly has been making efforts to teach and transfer new initiatives and new methods of putting into practice and safeguarding the principles of human rights to civil society organizations, civil actors and public institutions; to build a social and innovative political language while struggling for human rights as well as an international exchange network; and to raise the profile of the struggle for human rights. For this purpose, the Citizens' Assembly focuses, not on "detection" of human rights violations, but rather on "social and civic remedies" devised for eliminating violations as well as on "tactics and strategies" developed accordingly. To this end, in 2014, as a tangible output of a four-year work and collaboration with CVT and TDOIE, the Citizens' Assembly launched the project "New Tactics". In this context, Citizens' Assembly still continues to work both on adapting the "Strategic Mapping" method to different actions for claiming rights and advocacy activities and developing an updated version of "New Tactics" in the struggle for human rights.

Through the project "Our Rights Everywhere", Citizens' Assembly (CA) aims to contribute to the prevention of violation of rights, degrading, cruel, inhuman treatment and punishment, use of excessive force and torture in facilities governed by public administrations, indoors and outdoors in Turkey. In this context, there will be various activities intended for elimination of impunity, and for enhancing the knowledge and skills of civil society organizations as well as the competence of relevant public actors at the local level and across the country.  The work, undertaken through a collective method, will allow for developing structural indicators, operational and result indicators in different thematic areas regarding the detection of abovementioned violations and crimes and putting in place a monitoring practice and experience based on these indicators. The action will also contribute to an effective use of the right to information and to the fight against the avoidance of criminal responsibility of public officials.